These are some steps When All Is At Hand In The Kitchen

Despite the technological advances of the last decades, kitchen work is still a manual job. Research results have shown that when a kitchen is not designed properly, it is possible to walk around it for a few miles and have to return to the same workplace, squat and squat, and cooking and washing dishes can take hours! ! If you are trying to lose weight, it can help. But you agree that a kitchen is not the best gym.

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Experiments have shown that reasonable kitchen design saves up to 60% of the distance and 30% of the time. We have already written about the main kitchen design methods and the location of equipment. In this article, we will tell you about modern methods of sensible placement of kitchen appliances that will also save a lot of time and efforts.

This is true not only for small kitchens. The large kitchen can also be a problem. In large kitchens, the distance between items can be so great that homeowners have to walk a lot between the stove, sink, refrigerator, and dining room table. Often when buying a multi-unit kitchen cabinet, it is still necessary to move around the kitchen trying not to touch or drop anything. Money is wasted on useless closet feet, but still no consolation. In fact, the key to comfort is the reasonable use of every square inch. Following the recommendations of ergonomics specialists, the world’s leading manufacturers make interesting decisions that help make the most of kitchen space.

First of all, professionals advise us to follow the sequence of workplaces according to the cooking process:

1. refrigerator, located in the product storage area;

2. workplace for the first cleaning of products;

3. wash the product, place a bucket;

4. final preparation of the product, cutting, shredding, etc .;

5. kitchen;

6. serving plate.

Research has shown that only 20% of people keep all the things they need in the kitchen. Even those things that should always be at hand, such as plates, cups, pans, forks, spoons, electrical appliances are stored in free places. Small kitchen necessities like glue, cello tape, scissors, and lighters are kept everywhere and are always missing when needed most. A reasonable interior arrangement of modern kitchen cabinets from the best manufacturers allows you to keep everything in order, saving time and effort for owners. Thanks to this, 99.9% of the interior space of the furniture set can be used.

To save space, modern furniture sets come with various shelves, sliding boxes, mesh pallets, and trays. Building wall cabinets makes it easy to access things. The doors slide easily to one side, fold vertically and are out of the way. Once open, special systems allow a door to be fixed at the required height. By the way, the cabinets can carry up to 180 pounds.

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