How To Care Garden

Garden tractor tires require good care

The following article describes the tires of garden tractors, the construction features, the specific maintenance and care instructions for the tires of the garden tractors.


Also look into the storage of the garden tractor during the winter months when the tractors are not in use.

Garden tractor tire design

You might have noticed that the garden tractor has different diameters on the front and rear tires. The front tires are smaller and the rear ones are large. The tractors are front-wheel drive and this is the reason for the smaller front tires. The ribs of the front tires are usually straight and the rear ones have crossed ribs. Tractor tires don’t have to pump water like truck tires. In fact, they are required to work effectively in flooded areas.

Weight distribution on the tractor tires

The load distribution on the tractor tires is generally 40% on the front tires and 60% on the rear ones. To avoid compaction of dirt under the rear tires, the tires are wide so that the extra load they carry over the front tires does not compact the dirt under them. The tires have large ribs so they cut through dirt rather than compact it.

Garden tractor tires are supplied as original equipment

Your lawn tractor tire would have come to you as original equipment along with your tractor. When changing tires, be sure to use the same or equivalent tires. This will ensure that the performance of the garden tractor remains original.

Since lawn tractor tires are almost the most commonly used part of these garden machines, proper care and maintenance should be considered. One of the most important things to keep in mind when using tractors is to keep the inflation accurate, as the ground they work on must be slippery and uneven. Aside from these basic tips, there are so many that every gardener should know before starting work with this powerful machine, which can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

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